Why Shouldn’t You Install a New Roof Over an Old One? Insights from a Campton Hills Roofing Contractor

Why Shouldn’t You Install a New Roof Over an Old One? Insights from a Campton Hills Roofing Contractor

So, you need a new roof and are now trying to determine whether or not saving some money by having the new roof installed over the old one is a good idea. This “lay-over” technique seems to be very common for Campton Hills homes, and many local roofing contractors do not see any issues with it. But we do. Here are five reasons why:

1. Areas that have or had leaks cannot always be addressed properly.

There is a pretty good chance that your old roof had some areas of concern, such as potential leak spots, whether you identified them or not. Without removing the existing roof and carefully identifying these areas of concern, you may find it hard to tell which parts of your roof may warrant special consideration.

2. Any rotted wood boards under the old roof would only get worse.

There might be areas that have rotted wood boards concealed beneath the old roof; areas that need to be found and replaced before a new roof is installed. Of course, if the roofing contractor is carrying out a lay-over roofing installation, then these rotted areas will remain hidden and only get worse as the years go by. In addition to that, nails holding shingles in areas with rotted wood boards cannot do their job correctly, which means you’ll have a much higher risk of shingles blowing off in those areas.

3. Eaves, rakes, and valleys need special treatment.

The eaves, rakes, and valleys of a house warrant extra care during the roof installation. It is especially true in colder climates such as Campton Hills, Illinois. In the colder months, the eaves of your home are exposed to ice dams, snow build-up, and the relentless freezing and thawing that happens during the winter season.

Without removing the old roof, there is no way to install the new drip-edge or ice and snow barrier correctly. Instead, the roofing contractor is counting on existing products on the roof to be strong enough to withstand the harsh winter conditions. More often than not, the old products come up short, whether it was because they had outlasted their lifespan, had a subpar quality, or perhaps they were never there to begin with.

4. The extra weight of the roofing is not ideal for old rafters.

One of the more obvious problems with installing a new roof over an old one is the additional weight of the extra layer of shingles. In most modern homes, this is not a cause of concern, but many older homes have rafters that are generally considered to be undersized by today’s building standards.

5. Shorter roof life expectancy.

The majority of professional roofing contractors agree that the lay-over roof shortens the lifespan of the new roof by about 25%. This means that while it may be more affordable in the short-term to do a lay-over on your old roof, in the long-term, it will cost you more. In addition, you’ll now have two layers of roofing that will need to be torn down the next time your roof is being installed, which would make the project more expensive.

Looking for a Professional Roof Installation in Campton Hills, Illinois?

We just discussed five good reasons to tear off your old roofing before installing your new roof. If you’re looking for professional roof installation services in Campton Hills, Illinois, contact us today! We can take off the old roof, patch any underlying issues, and then install a new one that will outlast any lay-over roof and protect your house more effectively.

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